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3 Essential Items Every Runner Should Have


There have been runners for as long as there have been humans. In fact, some biologists theorize that early man's ability to run for longer distances than his prey was an essential part of his evolutionary success.


However, the art and business of running have changed dramatically since the days of the first runners. Thanks to technological innovation, running nowadays is much less risky, and performance can be greatly enhanced by choosing the right equipment. In this article, we're going to give you three essential items every runner should have to take their game to the next level.


A Good Pair of Running Shoes


It goes without explanation that high quality running shoes can drastically improve the quality of your run. When it comes to running, however, all shoes are not created equal. Doing research and picking the right running shoe can make all the difference between a happy runner and an enraged one with blistered feet.


As runners get more use out of their shoes than the average person, investing in a pair with strong, durable soles is always a good call. Additionally, if you happen to be among the 20% of people with flat or underdeveloped arches, look into purchasing a running shoe with good arch support.


A Reusable Water Bottle that is Easy to Clean


Hydrating regularly is one of the most important habits runners can adopt, particularly in long distance scenarios. If runners don't get enough fluids to replace the fluids lost through excessive sweating, they can put their health and well-being in serious danger.


Fortunately, water is abundant, but buying plastic water bottles for each run is not recommended. Not only is relying on bottled water more expensive than refilling a reusable water bottle, but the use of plastics also makes it a poor choice for the environment. Also, plastic bottles have been said to contain chemicals such as BPA which have been related to various health disorders.


Instead, consider a reusable water bottle, but make sure that it is BPA free and easily washable. Some water bottles break down into smaller pieces which can be washed through the dishwasher.


In Ear Headphones


One of the many advantages of the internet and smart devices is that you have access to your favourite tunes and media at all times. With more and more people turning to their devices for entertainment, listening to music while running is a great way to motivate yourself and boost morale, especially through long runs.

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Not all runs are suitable for music, however. Listening to music while crossing a busy intersection is a recipe for disaster, and even running through the countryside is not without its risks. For this reason, make sure to use headphones that use noise cancelling and not noise isolating technology. Noise cancelling headphones will usually allow you to listen to ambient sounds. Many runners choose to run with only one earbud plugged in, leaving the other ear free to listen for changes in the surroundings. The choice is yours, just remember to put safety first when you're running and listening to music.


The idea of running can fill non-runners with a sense of dread, but that doesn't mean that running isn't a fun activity. Rather, armed with the right mindset, the right technique, and the right equipment, running can be as enjoyable as it is healthy.


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