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How Do You Cancel Your VASA Fitness Gym Membership?

Gyms make it difficult to cancel, and VASA Fitness is no exception.

At first glance, VASA seems like it might actually be great with an easy way to cancel. Their frequently asked questions page they say that you can cancel via the phone or just by sending an email. However, after that it obscurely says to cancel you must refer to the regulation portion of your agreement.

Well, I tried to cancel via the phone. I was given the run around for nearly 40 minutes saying I didn't have enough information and needed something that I'd have to ask the gym staff for at my local gym. I just wanted to cancel. I had all of my information, my full name and address on the account, membership id, bar code, date of birth, you name it. But they just wouldn't let me cancel. After a long time, I was put on hold for a manager. I waited and waited listening to that hold music and no one came to the phone. Then the phone just disconnected. So frustrating.

After emailing VASA multiple times, I was finally given a survey form to cancel. It was a required survey trying to get me not to cancel. Asking if I would like a free month of gym membership instead and how I liked the club, and exactly why I was quitting. All of these and more were mandatory before I could proceed. I just wanted to cancel not tell you my life story. After getting through them, I was redirected to a separate website.

a way to cancel online barcode membership id for vasa fitness


I thought OH Finally, I can cancel. I filled it out and then saw that I had to pay more any existing balances before I can actually cancel. I mean, it makes sense that I have to pay my old balances, but to have it say that I have to pay them off BEFORE I can cancel recurring payments? That's ridiculous. If I can't cancel, then I'll keep getting charged.

pay old balances vasa fitness final cancellation


So, I paid off the account balances as requested. Finally, I got to the point where I could cancel. But then to my surprise, I saw the following screen.


you cannot cancel vasa

Right back at the beginning. Full circle.

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