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The Struggles of Staying Fit

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How to cancel your gym membership (or not)

How to cancel your gym membership (or not)

This is yet another example of why it's so hard to cancel a gym membership. I was reading this person's story online here and wow this really hits the nail on the head. This person went through what many of us have at one point or another and the rest of us fear will happen. He went to cancel his gym membership and not...
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Gyms Rely on Making It Hard to Cancel

It’s in their best interest to make it difficult to cancel a membership. In fact, when you think about how many memberships are sold at a given gym and the space that the gym has inside, you begin to realize that there is no way that all of those people could even fit inside the gym at the same time. Most gyms don’t allow users to cancel over the phone or through their website.