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Cancel With Contract

If you do have an existing contract, there may be a termination fee associated with that cancellation. It varies by gym and it varies by state. Sometimes, the gym may also expect you to pay out the entirety of the remaining contract as well. However, if you have a medical condition with documented proof that prevents you from continuing or you have recently moved a significant distance with documented proof, you may be able to avoid any additional fees. This varies by gym and it varies by state.

Our services allows you to upload documented proof if you fall into one of those two special cases. Otherwise, you can still use our service if you accept that additional fees may be charged back to your account on file based on your existing obligation.

Recently Moved 25+ miles
The location you move to must be more than 25 miles away from any of the gym locations for which you have a contract. When relocating further than 25 miles away from your gym, you can cancel with proof of moving. You will need a utility bill, lease or deed to a house, or a letter from your human resources department explaining that you have moved more than 25 miles away to a new location. 

Medical Reasons
You will need a doctor's written letter which explains that you are medically unable to workout for more than 6 months. They do not need to give detailed specifics, only their medical opinion declaring that you are unable to workout for at least 6 months.