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Gym Interactions

Most gyms lock you into a membership contract once you sign up. To get you to sign up, they provide a promotional rate that tends to disappear after that membership obligation expires. At that point your membership typically becomes a month-to-month contract and your monthly rate sky rockets. Gyms let you quit at this point ending the contract at the end of the month. However, they don't make it easy. They know most people will not want to go through all the extra effort required to cancel their membership. With most gyms, you can go in person to the gym and cancel with a representative. It can be difficult to find a representative to cancel with and once you do, they can try to persuade you through various means to stay on with the gym longer or pause your membership. So you may leave not having accomplished your goal. Often gyms allow a certified letter to be mailed in a particular format which requires visiting the Post office, waiting in line, and spending money on the certified letter. Why do all of that, when you can fill out this form online and be done with it?

Read about cancelling with an existing contract here.

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06/24/2018 - We no longer handle processing of VASA Fitness. VASA Fitness does not allow cancelling your membership until your membership balance is paid in full. So, until you've paid off old balances, you can't stop incurring further charges. Our support staff has discovered that VASA Fitness uses the following payment system https://gympayment.com/cancel.aspx?s=vasa and any customer can pay off their membership and cancel there.