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Yes! However, the letter has to be drafted up in a manner that, based on your gym and reason for terminating is appropriate for this type of instance which can vary. After drafting, you still need to take time out of your busy schedule, go to the post office, wait in line, and spend money on a certified letter. Why not just use this service to quickly and easily do all of that online from the comfort of your chair. We provide updates for when it is sent out, USPS tracking, and electronic delivery confirmation.

No. Absolutely not in any way. We provide a simple to use service that allows you to cancel your gym based on what your gym publicly provides and in accordance with state laws. We do not provide any legal services.

Yes and No. You can still cancel, but you may end up paying a cancellation fee or the remainder of your contract obligation. In some instances based on the gym, you may end up paying both. However, there are state laws that vary by state which allow you to cancel your membership due to cases like moving more than 25 miles away or medical conditions which cause you not to be able to use your membership anymore. These require documented proof sent along with your cancellation.

Depending on if your gym is one of our recognized gyms and no further research is required, we typically send out the certified letter within 1-2 business days after ordering based on volume. Once the letter is sent, certified mail commonly takes anywhere from one to seven days. You will receive a notification to the email address provided when the letter is sent out as well as a tracking number so that you can see updates. Once the letter is delivered you will see another update. From there, the gym has to process the cancellation letter which varies by gym. This typically takes one to three business days.
If we have not yet sent the cancellation then you may cancel your order and we will refund your account. If the cancellation has already been sent there is no way to stop the letter from reaching its destination and we cannot issue a refund.
The cancellation takes effect in the last stages of the cancellation process. That is when the gym receives the cancellation letter, processes it, and enters it into their system. The amount of time varies for that, see "How long does it take?" for more information. If your gym membership renews before that last stage of the cancellation process, you may end up owing an additional month of membership to the gym for that new month. Cancellations should be ordered out as soon as possible to lessen the chance of paying for a new month.
Typically the gym sends a cancellation confirmation to the account on file either by email or by mail based on that gym's preferences. The gym may also send CancelMyGym.com a confirmation, in which case will be forwarded onto the provided email in the order. If no cancellation notice has been received within seven business days of the gym's acceptance of the cancellation letter, it's advised that you follow up with the gym. If within thirty days of receiving your cancellation letter they still have not cancelled, you may request a refund of our service on this site.

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