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How It Works

We remove the hassle of ending that messy gym relationship. You tell us your gym details and we handle the rest. Gyms make it hard to cancel on purpose. They want to keep your monthly membership fee. We send out certified cancellations and follow up via other communications channels both with the gym and with you to ensure you're accurately notified about the details of the cancellation.


how it works. 1 we research your gym's membership. 2 we send certified letters with tracking. 3. you're notified of cancellation and can start saving extra money

Orders are processed Monday through Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST. Processing time can vary but typically your order is custom drafted within one business day from the time it is received. Once the order is processed, your gym's cancellation procedure is reviewed. Most gyms allow cancellation through certified mail. If this is the case, we custom draft a cancellation letter on your behalf and send it through certified mail. Certified mail pickup times vary and it may take time before your cancellation is picked up. If your gym does not allow this type of cancellation, we will attempt to cancel your membership through other means which may mean that we do not send out a certified letter if we were able to cancel in another way. If we are unable to cancel your membership, we will inform you and refund you.